A few (6) things to do to spread Christmas Cheer…

March 8, 2010 at 9:20 pm (Uncategorized)

) Buy a cup of coffee or hot chocolate or some pizza for a homeless person, and wish them a Merry Christmas.
No, I do not believe in giving out money because it does nothing to improve their life and it just encourages the downward spiral of their life, accepting charity when they can and should help themselves instead of getting handouts from pitiers for the rest of their lives.
But my somewhat bleeding heart says that no one should be cold or hungry, especially at Christmastime. And maybe if we showed someone on the streets that yes, complete strangers can show them love and compassion, they will be inspired to be better, to do better… just from knowing that they are loved.

2)Be extra patient with kids, and people who have kids, at this time. A child’s eyes see Christmas with so much joy and excitement, and they should enjoy it without us old bitter fucks getting anxious because the mall is too busy. If they are standing and staring at a Christmas tree in awe for 20 minutes and YOU are in a hurry and little buddy is in your way…that is your problem. Tell them to make a wish on it, and smile… and remember how much you loved Christmas years ago, without maxing out your credit card.
Christmas when you are young is so magical, so amazing, nothing should take that joy away. CHildhood expires much too soon these days, and it is a damn shame.

3) Tell a stranger AND a loved one how beautiful they are. Sadly, there are some people out there who don’t have too many loved ones near during the hoidays, and may not have anyone at all to share Christmas with. It doesn’t cost you anything, and it will make you feel great too… tell a stressed out mom that her hair looks great, or tell someone on the Skytrain that you like his kicks…. tell your lover that there is no one who is more beautiful than he/she…

4) Sing a Christmas carol when those around you look especially grumpy. You will look like a retard only until someone joins in, and then you will be that awesome, funny person who saved Christmas…

5)Genuinely thank people you wouldn’t normally thank. The postman/ FedEx guy, the starbucks barista, your boss, your close friends (trust me, they will be grateful, it wont get awkward).

6) Smile at the most miserable looking strangers and make eye contact. Usually they smile back, it’s just been awhile.

7) any more ideas? 🙂



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