A hole in one is worth more than millions

March 8, 2010 at 9:14 pm (Uncategorized)

Life in Brazil, and parts of Argentina and Uruguay as of recently: 20,000 people evacuate their home as floods fill the streets, chest-deep water invading homes and halting traffic. 20 are dead, some are missing, families and communities torn apart, helpless and desperate…

And silly old Tiger has just recently been discovered to have played his own secret version of “18 holes”, on some wet green with apparently loose lips. Excuse the filthiness of that last comment….but really…

So what comes first? The tragedy of tens of thousands of people, of lives that are forever changed… or a man who swings a club and wears a funny hat and makes millions of dollars playing a HOBBY for a living, and just can’t keep his PGA-touring dick under par?

You might say that it is ridiculous how much attention the latter issue (bogey dick) is getting. But is it? How often have you now seen pictures and headlines and history channel reports on death and devastation by the thousands, and instead flip through to try and catch the rerun/photo op of the most recent So You Think You Can Dance etc?
What is it: “who cares?” “I don’t like to watch sad stuff on TV”? “It doesn’t help for me to worry about it”? “It doesn’t involve my family”? “I wont sleep if I see that before bedtime”? … is it all of the above?

I get chills thinking of how detached and insensitive those statements are.
I think most of us have heard the saying by now: that the death of one person is a tragedy, but the death of thousands is a statistic. I have been plagued by curiousity about this lately…

Is it just that we can’t make a thousand people personal to us; that the photo of one missing child can affect you on a deeper level because you can see her face and think of her family, and conjure up your own sad story…
Is it that we can’t really comprehend so much suffering, that we just can’t understand the massive devastation of more than a few individuals? Are we, as simple humans, just incapable of feeling this much empathy at one time unless it has some personal effect?
Are we only capable of feeling so much? Does human empathy only extend so far?

Can our minds – and hearts – only handle so much? Is human suffering to a massive degree just simply beyond human comprehension? Is it too much for one person to take in?

Do you really want to?

Is it possible for us to extend this sense of humanity and grow to really understand, and are there some of you out there who do not desire to do so?

Any thoughts?


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