A little experiment for the ladies?

March 8, 2010 at 9:39 pm (Uncategorized)

At least once this week, try going out without a bra on.
Of course, don’t try this out when you are going for a jog or to a spin class! I think I only wear one about 25% of the time (working out, with certain shirts, etc)… I think that if men don’t have to strap up and conceal their nipples, why should we HAVE to walk around with wires and straps around our chest?

Doesn’t matter if you are wearing a t-shirt, a dress, or a big cozy sweater. Just try it out. Why hide? Why be uncomfortable? Maybe after you try it out, you will realize that you can wear one whenever you WANT…. not because you think you NEED to. Embrace the size and shape of your own, whether you are big, small, lopsided, have just one or even none. No matter what.
And if someone makes a rude comment, tell them you choose not to wear one and that you are a bad girl for showing your ankles, wrists, and nipple shadows to all, but it is a free country, thankfully, and that you are extremely grateful to live here and enjoy the freedoms that sadly, many women around the world know nothing about…. and that you don’t care what they think cause you (and your girls) are beautiful and you are comfortable without a mini-corset digging into your ribs. Then politely tell them to shush and appreciate your womanliness.
Be comfortable. Be free, feel loved, and know that without your padding, pushups, wires, and thick straps and cups – you are perfect and beautiful. Just the way you are.


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