Canadian Lugeman Brian Seltzer-whatever? A real winner…

March 8, 2010 at 9:51 pm (Uncategorized)

haha oh boy… althought I had a great time tonight working with my friends, meeting some cool new people…. I had the “privilege” of meeting Canadian Luger Brian Sel-somethin tonight !
And he is a self-entitled conceited little priss, and so is his perverted self-absorbed creepy coach!… and for all the free stuff and discounts they wanted, they couldn’t even tip half-decently after keeping all our staff up later than bar closing hours (which is illegal), after I bought him a drink (and no, I wasn’t even THANKED – he just demanded more), and after being quite rude…. it’s too bad we don’t sell humble pie at my bar. Maybe a piece of it could’ve inspired him to actually win a medal! It sucks to fail at something that is so pointless in the first place. All that time in a bodysuit sliding down a mountain should’ve maybe been balanced out with learning respect and manners.

News flash: you’re an over-hyped, overpaid toboganner with a fancy sled and a shiny helmet, who contributes nothing to society but an extremely inflated ego. Well, POP! It’s too bad karma came around for you… and by the way, your fat girlfriend or whoever needs some prozac, manners, and some of that pie, too.
In my opinion, surely the “olympians” would want to set a better example, show a better representation than this? Quite a surprise that they are no better than their obnoxious, rude, violent, disgusting fans.

Good thing it’s almost all over! Can’t wait until after sunday is done!


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