Going with the flow? Why not start the fire?

March 8, 2010 at 9:41 pm (Uncategorized)

Life was never meant to be a struggle. But you can’t breeze through it like a fruit fly. Have you ever heard the expression “Go with the flow?” The flow eventually goes downhill…so for everyone who wants to have it easy….be prepared. Hard work and intelligence and awareness goes a long way, and lazy, mediocre fence-sitting goes nowhere. If you don’t mind dwelling in a stagnant pool of average, then by all means…go with the flow…
Why are so many people these days afraid of hard work? I have recently been hearing so many people complaining and wanting to “have it easy”, and expecting something from nothing, expecting success and money and grand achievement without earning it.THink of some very successful, accomplished women and men… they probably worked hard at some point for something they truly believed in.

What do you believe in so strongly, that nothing would stand in your way?

it makes perfect sense – you must go uphill to reach the top. Why not aspire to something great instead of settling for the boring route to nothing special?

There is something inside each human being that is immeasurably powerful and unique… why fear it? Why not just embrace it, throw yourself into something that matters to you? Make a contribution to humanity. Aiming higher might be risky, but so what? No one will really laugh if you fail. THey are all too busy worrying about themselves to look at you for too long anyways, until they can look up and admire you for finally succeeding, and in turn inspiring them…
Why complain about the world not doing you any favors, when you have done nothing in return?

Of course we all get frustrated. But have a reason and a purpose. Stop sitting around feeling sorry for yourself because life didn’t hand your lazy ass a goodie bag.
It seems ridiculous to bitch about not having a huge paycheque, a trophy, people patting you on the back, and grand achievements when you have done nothing to EARN it and expended no real effort.

Work hard, earn your success, do something unselfish…and share what you have been given. Share your talents and energy and do something extraordinary.
Remind someone – anyone – of this incredible potential within. And remind yourself while you’re at it.


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