Press Play : Happy, content, blissful… guaranteed to make you smile and laugh.

March 8, 2010 at 9:37 pm (Uncategorized)

I have decided to add something new in between the blogs I’m writing – I’m going to write up different mood playlists! Music has such a profound effect on all of our lives…

So today, I will start with my “cheer up no matter what” , “no worries” playlist. Satisfaction guaranteed!

I could listen to this over and over. It makes me think of the beach, hanging out with good friends, dancing without looking in a mirror – outside of a studio, and feeling free. It includes my one all-time favorite song in it (#6) , and whether I am already happy, depressed, anxious, tired, sad, excited, it ALWAYS makes me smile. Enjoy!

And : try listening to it in this order, too. It’s a specific setup… good flow…You’ll see… 🙂

1) “Wanna Be Loved” – Buju Banton
2) “Three Little Birds” – Bob Marley
3) “Hush Baby Hush” – Buju Banton
4) “One Love” – Bob Marley
5) ” Summertime In the LBC” – Dove Shack
6) “Is This Love” – Bob Marley
7 ) “California” – People Under The Stairs feat. BlvMe
8) “Just A Friend” – Biz Markie
9) “People Everyday” – Arrested Development
10) “The Mike and Chris Story” – People Under The Stairs
11) “Juicy” – Biggie
12) “Play Your Cards Right” – Common feat. Bilal.



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