That’s what I thought: Open mouths and closed minds.

March 8, 2010 at 9:43 pm (Uncategorized)

I had a great night at work catching glimpses of the opening ceremonies on our TV screens at the bar. Good people, good atmosphere…so far so good, like almost every night at that awesome little spot!
So there is much more to it than my status…but to start, I will reiterate that I am disgusted with all the prejudiced, ignorant Canadians in my bar tonight who loudly booed when the American team was shown during the Opening Ceremonies.
I have never heard a single American boo or stick their nose up at anything Canadian while I lived there for 2 yrs…. shame on you all for being so fucking stupid and close-minded. Honestly.
While I lived in NYC, everyone had questions about Vancouver to ask me : what is the weather REALLY like? How cold is the ocean in the summer time? Do you have pictures to show us? Where is your favorite spot to go on the weekend?
Not once did I ever feel unwelcome by the American people. THe government may not have allowed me to stay there, but it is the same situation (immigration issues) that basically anyone would face coming into Canada, too. While in NYC, I felt right at home, while at the same time still felt like I could be proud to hold on to my Canadian roots. I felt at ease in a foreign place because the people were so inviting, generous, open, honest – at times, yes, abrasively honest, it is after all NYC … but still compassionate and full of love.

I am so sick of hearing people regurgitate quotes from their favorite Michael Moore movies, and acting like they have any idea what is going on in the world. Wake the fuck up and get your own goddamn opinion. For those of you who America haters out there, tell me this – how many of you have actually ever been there? Spent time there? LIVED there? How many of you actually know and understand all the politics, or do you just follow the latest hipster trend of watching Fahrenheit 911 yet again just to make sure you can repeat what’s in the script and call that an opinion? How many of you realize that we as a nation are not too much different – it’s just that we are lower profile due to being much less populated (30ish million vs. 400ish million) and have less money?
How many of you buy American made products? Work for American companies? How many of you have kind, intelligent, amazing American friends and family?
That’s what I thought you goddamn country-time lemonade bumpkin know-it-all hypocrites.

For all of you morons and imbeciles booing tonight, showing a complete lack of respect – how many of you realize that almost all the sponsors for our Vancity 2010 Olympics are also American? Alot of workers and media must be American too…

Get an informed opinion. Please. You are wasting everyone’s time, and I would rather listen to the American anthem sung by dying cats on repeat than hear any more of your bullshit.

What makes us so different in your retarded eyes? Is it because our country’s leader is slightly less stupid and not as entertaining as their previous leader (Harper vs Bush)? Is it because you think it makes you sound smart to act like a tiny little bully? It doesn’t. Go ahead and say what you will about America (and from what I hear tonight, you don’t know anything), but you won’t see a bunch of Americans in a bar heckling Canada like YOU did tonight, acting with such disrespect and ignorance.

You think Americans are/look stupid? Well, I wish you cocksuckers could have seen yourselves tonight. You looked like you dropped a couple chromosomes before you walked in the door, and then hit in the head with a hockey puck on the way in. YOU LOOKED LIKE IDIOTS with no grace, no tact, no education, no respect, no brain cells. SHAME on you for making Canadians look like such terrible people with big mouths and tiny brains. You will eventually get what you deserve. We put up this big facade of being such a friendly nation, freedom for all (and come get some healthcare cause apparently that’s “Free” too – not!), be an individual, we are something really truly special…
At least America is honest in it’s flaws.


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