The most widespread, long-standing, silenced prejudice in today’s modern society.

March 8, 2010 at 9:34 pm (Uncategorized)

Tickets to the WOMEN’S Gold Medal Hockey Game: $125 – $325 ticket price.

Tickets to the MEN’S Gold Medal Hockey Game: $350 – $775 ticket price.

I am still waiting to live in this democracy, to see this “equal” society we live in. The one where I don’t have to be afraid to walk home alone at night because I am a woman.
The one where if I wear less clothing on a hot day, I won’t be called at, harrassed, followed, or jeered at any more than a man would be for the same action.

The so-called “equal”, “fair” society in which, according to the US National Median Earnings from the Statistics Center (care of, we compared in 2008:

Men: $46,367.
Women: $35,745.

Now, why do you think I flip out when I am at work, making minimum wage and busting my ass for tips at a busy bar, and some jackass decides that I won’t notice if he subtly “brushes” against my ass/tits?
For the record, if this happens, I have no qualms about screaming my case against sexual harrassment, embarrassing said jackass, and regrettably becoming extremely angry and physically violent with him. I will NOT be taken advantage of because of what society makes out to be a weakness: simply because I was born XX … female. I am about to boil over at this point. I AM AT WORK. I don’t fucking assault anyone else at their workplace, or anywhere at all for that matter.

I don’t care who will call me a feminist, a dyke, an angry bitch. I am RIGHT. And I am so sick and tired of being a minority. Why are women STILL a minority, representing 50% of the population, without even benefitting from any type of minority rights? Unless you include some asshole buying you a drink on occasion?
But even so, women are forced to pay more for day-to-day necessities with our considerably lower earnings! (toiletries, clothing, mortgages, feminine hygiene products on which we pay TAX to a bunch of old white men in suits earning more than we could possibly dream of because I have to stick cotton up my pussy every month due to nature’s calling – as in, NOT MY FUCKING DECISION/FAULT/CHOICE?? Why is there tax on tampons?)

I am disgusted with the fact that in 2010, there are still some olympic events that don’t have a female component to the competition…
PLEASE read my link that I posted not too long ago on facebook. It is incredibly shocking and eye-opening. It is under my Links, from December 21st, entitled “Why it costs more to be a woman” – and my tag is “pussy is pricey”.

Why does my moisturizer cost more than my boyfriend’s? Same brand name and quantity and all? Why do I earn less on average than the average male, even with the same education and experience?
Even worse – why is there NO provincial funding for rape crises and women’s shelters in Vancouver? NONE?

Scary, isn’t it? Who gives a fuck about you if you don’t have a penis? Or better yet, who even gives a FUCK about you if you have been tortured, beaten, raped, broken down by anyone who does have one of these powersticks?

Like many minorities, maybe it is necessary for a revolution to occur in order for change. I don’t see enough change. Maybe it is finally time for our revolution. I know I’M ready. I’m finished with this disgusting oppression, this ignorance, this injustice. I am sick of men and woman (note: shame on you, you stupid bitches who don’t stand up for yourselves, you don’t DESERVE to be called a woman) rolling their eyes and trying to placate me when I speak passionately about being denied certain rights and freedoms.

I do not want to be taken care of. I do not want to be rescued. I do not want the depressing role of sitting at home, popping a bunch of kids out into an injust and ungrateful world. I will not cover up or be ashamed of my body nor my voice. I will show my whole self with confidence and joy.

I must say one thing. I am very grateful that I have a man in my life right now who respects me and treats me as an equal, financially, socially, and mentally. I want to be loved, of course. And thank you, Virgil, for respecting my strength and my drive and my capability to take care of myself and my life….yet still being supportive and caring. And for giving me your love and patience. You are one of the few men who is forward thinking and open-minded, and is still a real man. I love you for all of this and more.

The next time you see me expose my skin, I don’t care what you have to say. How DARE you say anything at all. There are so many women in countries around the world who would be disowned from their families and stoned to death for showing their body – on purpose or by accident. I will exercise what skewed, warped rights and freedoms I DO have, and express myself and be proud and happy to show my beautiful flesh – and no, I should NOT expect ANY repercussions from this, such as harrassment etc. NO ONE asks for this kind of treatment, and a woman should be able to walk around in her shorts, bikini, etc., without fear of judgement, harrassment, or danger/threat to her personal security. I won’t cover up, and when I have something to say, I won’t be silenced.

I am standing up not only for MYSELF, but on behalf of all the women every day who are forced to submit, obey, and suffer in silence. Things must change, and I will lead by example. Please, any woman reading this, forget about being quiet and timid and modest. Please, stand up on behalf of the millions of women across the globe who would be arrested or killed for standing up for themselves.

Men don’t worry about those things. So neither will I. This is 2010. Ignorance will no longer be accepted anywhere in the world, and I will be the first to fight against it.
Men, do not act surprised if the next woman responds to your disgusting, lewd remarks with a bold statement against your pathetic, prejudiced behavior. Do not act surprised if your disgusting behavior is met with full force and fury because of all these things in her life she must suffer through. And if you find yourself talking to me, may you be able to withstand one hell of a storm.
I’ll stand up and stay standing.

I hope that some of you out there share my intense passion for justice.
I want to – and I WILL – see change in my lifetime.
Ad after reading this, and knowing how much less value you have to today’s society as just a female…. how could you not want this, too?


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