Things I am immensely grateful for:

March 8, 2010 at 9:48 pm (Uncategorized)

Cherry blossoms in February.

Long phone conversations at the beach with my sister, enjoying the incredible beauty of Vancouver by the ocean in Stanley Park.

Drinking hot coffee while walking along the seawall in “winter”, squinting in the gorgeous sunshine.

Thousands of people enjoying my hometown in all it’s glory – regardless of what happens during the Olympics.

The way people in Vancouver smile at each other when the sun shines… as though we are all in on this amazingly powerful secret…

Friends who treat me like family.

Parents who still love each other and, despite anything that has happened or has been said between us, still love me.

Sore, tired muscles from running the day before…because it means I have two legs to stand on and am a healthy person with a lot of endurance who is capable of hard work.

In fact, every step I take.

Two great jobs that not only pay my bills and allow my to live comfortably, but also give me so much life experience and laughter. Goddamn I’m lucky.

In fact, the whole concept that I can work hard to be self-sufficient and successful, regardless of my gender. THe fact that I can take care of myself.

Peanut M&M’s.

Yellow roses and pink tulips.

Dance parties with my wife.

Waking up each morning beside someone I love unconditionally… getting kissed while I’m still asleep by the aforementioned someone… ­čÖé

Sight. ┬áSound.┬á To fully┬ásee and hear┬ánature’s incredible work in it’s people and in this gloriously unpredictable Earth we live on.

Cadbury mini eggs. Oh boy.

Freedom of speech…to express my crazy passions and strong opinions without fear or harrassment.

The way the ocean smells, any time of year.

Every day.


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