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March 9, 2010 at 1:34 am (Uncategorized)

Are we who we are because of love?

I saw this quote in an book of artistic photography. Beautiful, simple, yet there are so many more questions that come with it.

It’s not thought about too often in daily life, but when this thought, this question, DOES come to mind… I think that all would be humbled by this divine opportunity to celebrate such a blessing.

Now, I am not a religious person. You may see words in my writing now and again such as “blessing”, “divine”, “spiritual”, etc…. I will tell you now that I am non-secular. In my own personal opinion, I actually believe that religion is much like a drug, it is intoxicating and comforting to some, and gives an excuse for terrible actions and words in the name of someone that would most likely, if real, never condone such behavior. Opiate of the masses: I couldn’t have said it better myself.

That being said, I strongly believe in karma and the concept of good and evil within the human soul, not forced upon us by an unknown unfamiliar deity. My “religion” is humanity.  I believe in the power of human beings, of our choices and thoughts.  I believe that we can not wait for our fate to arrive at the doorstep, and that we have an enormous responsibility to each other.   Self-pity and obedience to rules and scripts that do not give answers, only more questions, will do nothing to progress your own sense of self.  To each his own, but I could not follow a set of rules and disciplines that tell me to discriminate/hurt/convert/judge others based on what they believe.  Human beings are powerful beyond measure, as Nelson Mandela said, and that is what I choose to have faith in: the immense and extraordinary power and influence of the human heart and mind.

So many things must be accepted fatalistically due to the constraints of religion.  Warfare, genocide, oppression, prejudice are only some of the man-made tyrannies that occur due to extremist followers.  How many brilliant books have you read in your lifetime? Surely there must be more logic in expanding your realm of knowledge with a variety of different sources, rather than the blind obedience of following one single book?  How can we benefit from each others talents by discriminating against them? And how can we possibly do good deeds as religion makes impossible, inhumane demands on us,  and then cries that we are guilty of sin, terrible sin, when we can not live up to them? What have you done since the day you were born to invite and deserve such guilt and damnation?  And to force such a lifestyle on young children… is to raise a generation of ignorant barbarians, and they will grow to be cowardly adults in large, terrifying numbers.  This is religion at it’s core. This is the black and white reality that was created, and to go outside of this and try to be more tolerant, more accepting, is blasphemy, because can there really be any real “moderates”? Aren’t they just hypocrites of their own beliefs?

This all being said, off my originally planned topic…. and I had not intended to make this a blog on religion, but my thoughts have yet again run away with me, and I choose not to censor them…. we – all together, the entire human race – face some dire, immediate issues at the moment that don’t have direct involvement in the way of religion.

 Which is more important: the people, or the place? So-called global warming (whether it is real or a giant political scam) and environmental concerns, or humanitarian issues such as poverty, famine, genocide, and social/economic/political injustice – to sum it up, human rights?

Tough call.  I feel that we need everyone possible to save this beautiful place we call home.  However, we must learn to respect and help each other first, and come to explore and celebrate (not just tolerate – this is not enough to achieve greatness together) our own and also our shared cultural differences and experiences and past.  We must take care of our brothers and sisters, and in doing so, we will be inspired to aid each other, to make our planet a better place for all.  But how can you save the planet if it is empty? What is the point of first taking care of our surroundings, when the people who walk upon it have no idea if they will wake up to see and cherish it? Healthy, happy, educated people are needed to contribute to the great future of our Earth. Without us, the Earth would be very different… and we are here to stay for awhile. Isn’t it necessary to find ways to celebrate each other so that we can work as one, and aspire to greatness on a huge global scale?  How can we let others suffer, how can we live with full knowledge of what is happening around the world, and do nothing about it?

What do you think?


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  1. Keith W. said,

    I really enjoyed reading this Claire you have a free form way of thinking, I do not feel you’re preaching to me per say but spreading the belief that Love is the anchor that will hold us all together. I believe it to be true that if we do not wake up and knowlege that we all play apart in each others lives then we are hurting ourselves and not doing our duty in being a human being. I never give change to the homeless but I will give them food. Simple things will go a long way to some one else. Being sick I know about simplicity ,a hug can go a long way, a smile can brighten some ones day. A very wonderful article Claire

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