Maybe the real cure is exposure and finally, just maybe, the truth.

March 19, 2010 at 6:37 pm (Uncategorized)

If you were to walk into a room of a hundred people, I’ll bet that if you asked them how many of them have been affected by cancer personally…every one of them would raise their hand.

If you asked these same people how many of them knew someone who had died of cancer, I think it would be safe to assume that more than half of those hands would still, unfortunately, be up in the air.

Touchy subject.  Cancer is not a pleasant thing to discuss among family and friends – unless, of course, you are all discussing those adorable pink ribbons and pink Kitchenaid mixers and pink Blackberry accessories.

If you are already greatly offended, then please stop reading and save yourself some time and discomfort.  If my next thoughts have never crossed your mind, keep reading. I think we all could use a little education on this touchy subject.

How many of you have ever donated money to cancer research foundations? I would say that probably all of you have at least once dropped a loonie, a quarter, or a bill into a bucket held by a strong survivor of cancer ringing a bell or proudly wearing their ribbon.  Have you ever wondered whether they actually survived cancer, or the treatment?  As a former student council geek, I have personally raised and donated thousands of dollars to cancer “research”, if you could even call it that.  And I will say with no qualms that I am finished, and am disappointed that I didn’t know any better back then. 

You know when you donate to some charities, and they show you a report with a pie graph/chart of where every cent of your dollar goes? You probably never thought to ask where your money goes when you donate to cancer research foundations. In fact, I haven’t seen any thorough financial reports of specifically where all of our hard-earned money goes… but I know that NONE of it goes towards real methods of prevention.  Why didn’t you think to inquire about this? I know exactly why. It didn’t even cross your mind, because you trust these so-called medical professionals.  Even if you did wonder, WHERE do all those millions or billions of dollars go…. you can’t exactly vocalize this in front of the exhausted, balding, sick woman with all that hope in her heart and a pink ribbon pinned proudly on her chest. 

Maybe you should. Let’s be frank. They are all laughing at you. You have been running, walking, biking, dancing, and masturbating “for the cure” for years now – and for what? Has there been any real progression in cancer research? I haven’t seen any. In my 22 years, I have known so many wonderful people who are no longer around because of cancer.  I refuse to see these people as victims of cancer anymore. These people are victims of an incredibly corrupt industry that is run by corporations that make HUGE profits from our dear friends and family who receive cancer treatments.  Cancer doesn’t upset me in the same way it used to anymore. Not after seeing people I love struggling to breathe, and donating the last of their life-savings to these disgusting organizations that attempt to pump our minds so full of shit that we are blowing it out of our noses.  I will not be a part of this sick joke, running around like a hyperactive poodle with a pink jumpsuit, pink car, pink facepaint and pink furniture so that these corrupt organizations can profit from our lack of well-being.  I will not pay these assholes to keep us sick.  As a matter of fact, I am furious, and you should be, too.

“Breast Cancer has been transformed into a market-driven industry.  It has become more about making money for corporate sponsors than funding innovative ways to treat breast cancer.”  – Health Studies researcher Samantha King, author of Pink Ribbons Inc.

It turns out that cancer really brings home the bacon. You don’t want to believe it, do you? I understand that it may be extremely difficult to think about these things, especially when it is so much easier to believe in the cancer industry cult, where it is so inspiring, so “empowering” to listen to survivors’ stories of cancer, thanks to chemotherapy and other dangerous treatments that most often do much more harm than good.  In fact, the Nordic Cochrane center in Denmark (this fact/statistic is thanks to an article by Jessica Fraser) did a study involving half a million women on the benefits of breast cancer screening programs, and for every ONE woman who was helped by our current methods of screening, TEN were harmed by a false diagnosis or unnecessary treatments that put their lives in danger. 

Why have we never been informed of any type of negative effects of screening? The scare tactics that the cancer industry uses are similar to those that are used by of religious fanatics/extremists in impoverished countries that encourage death and destruction in the name of something greater than themselves…. but with all our technology and freedom of education, shouldn’t we know better by now? But I bet you didn’t. Whether we are talking about drugs, screenings, or fundraising, it’s all politics and business, as usual. This has barely even TOUCHED on being exposed…. because who wants to admit that they have been lied to? After all, we all whisper a little too softly when it comes to cancer, because we want to be sensitive.  We want to believe that no one would allow these atrocities to occur… no one would allow millions of people to suffer and die all because they can’t get enough of that pink ribbon money in their greedy little pockets… But do you remember the Rwandan massacre? Or if you don’t really, but have seen or heard of the Hollywood blockbuster “Hotel Rwanda”? 800,000 people brutally slaughtered not just with machetes, guns, and knives, but with ignorance.  It is possible, and this fact is more terrifying than cancer itself.

Think about this: cancer is just abnormal cell and immune growth/function, right? We have stem cell research, and can safely inject botulism into the faces of our slowly aging population at a pretty reasonable price, but there has not even been a lead to a cure for cancer? I find that hard to believe.

I also sometimes find it hard to look at the color pink the same way. 

If you are angry from reading this…good.  Whether you are angry at me for thinking that I am being  insensitive, passionately aware that you can have the power to defy these corrupt industries, or are now looking at your pink laptop in a whole new light… I hope that you are at least thinking for yourself.  Please, don’t trust everyone who says they are a professional. Pull your head out of the Cancer Research foundation’s ass, wipe that bullshit off of your eyes, and please wake up. Try to take care of yourself – I can’t bear to lose anyone else, and I’m sure that you will at least agree with me on that.

Even if I am alone in my thoughts, I will face the truth, because it may be the only cure we have right now.



  1. Kari said,

    I lost my uncle to cancer a year ago. I agree with everything you said whole heartedly.

    Corporations are running this world…into the gutter.

  2. Dani said,

    Check out vitamin C and oromolecular research by Linus Pauling…. his research was left in the dark by the medical establishment because it does in fact deal directly with PREVENTION, not an attractive idea for a system that needs sick people in order to make money…

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