The fat farm ain’t home for everyone.

April 6, 2010 at 2:24 am (Uncategorized)

Ok. I have had thoughts on this for awhile now, and it is a bit hard to describe how I, personally, feel about the subject of body image, health, fitness, etc. There are so many expert opinions, and so many different ideas about these topics that it is difficult to have an opinion that isn’t sometimes slightly conflicting in itself.

Anyways, there are a few things that I kind of want to get off my chest…

I have had numerous people comment lately on how I look.  Not always in a positive way. Why is it that, when people make bold, sometimes graphic comments towards a thin person, they assume that no matter WHAT they say, it doesn’t MATTER if it hurts that person’s feelings, because so what? They are thin/slender/fit/skinny/whatever. They can take it, and shouldn’t be offended.

Have you ever considered that if someone you know had recently lost some weight, it isn’t always a negative thing? That they may actually just be more active than you at work and at play, or more active than usual?  That they are probably keeping busy, and are (surprise!) happy as a bumblebee? That maybe they ENJOY sports and recreation, and aren’t obsessed with food like most of our North American society? That they aren’t sitting around at home doing nothing, and are out and about being productive and content with their life?

Why is it that if you see an already fit person doing things such as jogging, yoga, dancing, eating healthy, and – heaven forbid – taking care of themselves  (which is probably the reason they are fit/thin in the first place), you flip out and worry about them and think that they are sick or disordered or mentally unstable or on drugs?!? Enough. Thin/fit people have a right to take care of themselves. I don’t think I should have to stuff my face with Cheetos and pork buns in order to make those who are less healthy feel better about themselves. Take care of yourself, too, goddamnit.  There, I said it. I don’t think healthy people should feel guilty about their desire to feel good, eat wholesome food, and be active. 

Not to say that I, personally, am always healthy. I have an addiction to chocolate. I love coffee, cupcakes, pizza, and cookies.  I actually consume all of these things whenever I want them, within reason, and since I don’t restrict my desires, I don’t overeat and feel bad about “giving in”.  Food is just food. Yes, we all have our insecurites at times, but I don’t know when all of this became so complicated after the age of 17. Didn’t puberty end a few years ago for most of us? Life is not easier if you are smaller.  There are some people out there who have trouble putting on weight, in fact.  Haven’t we discovered that human beings come in all shapes and sizes, and that – egad! Holy shit! – some people are naturally slender, yet have no huge desire to clog their arteries and be inactive lumps to join the rest of the masses in their misery?  And on that note, healthy people are allowed to feel insecure at times, too. It doesn’t mean that they have a totally distorted body image.  It just means they may not be sleeping right lately, or have been eating too much junk food, or maybe it’s just PMS. Who cares? Everyone is insecure at times. Relax and accept it.

I get the feeling that there are some people out there that wish fit people would just let go of all their lovely healthy habits so that all the schlumps who love 6 hrs a day of talk show time and McDonald’s wouldn’t have to feel slightly left out.

“Real men love curves. Thin is out. Muscles are for men. Bigger is always better”. Um, excuse me? Are healthy, toned women unattractive?  I’ve been feeling that message a lot lately. Now, don’t get me wrong. If you are a naturally curvy, perfectly shaped woman, you are blessed. Good for you. Not every woman is born that way. Whatever happened to “beauty comes in all shapes and sizes”?? Why are we hating on normal, decently fit people, and why is it okay for men to take care of themselves and applaud each other on their commitment to health and vitality, but when a woman cares about these things in the same way, she is looked down upon? Something is wrong here.

I think some of you out there must be socially retarded. Let me just remind you that it is NOT okay to tell a healthy person that they shouldn’t exercise. Or that they look really skinny, and then turn up your nose in disgust. Don’t you think it’s kind of rude to tell someone that they would look “so much better with an extra inch or so”?  If someone told you that you would look better WITHOUT that extra inch, that would be GREATLY offensive and spark tears and probably punches.  Stop picking on fit people and picking apart their flaws so that you can feel better about yourself. It is also not okay to flip out at them when they are only eating TWO pieces of pizza, because they actually HAVE eaten earlier and NO, stop being fucking paranoid and dramatic and catty, that is not some bullshit that’s made up to make you try to save them from Hollywood’s “thinspiration” trap. Sometimes people just want to be fucking healthy, it’s that simple.  It is not okay to snap at your healthy friends if they ask you to go hiking, running, or, good lord! to the beach.  Get over yourself, get over your ego, and just be happy that they are healthy and happy.  You should be healthy and happy, too, for fuck’s sake.  Don’t make fitness your entire life, but make it a part of your life if you care at all about prolonging and enjoying it.  You never even have to set foot inside a gym (in fact, I HATE gyms and all of the vain people stretching in front of 17 mirrors with bad techno playing in the background).  And honestly? Going for a run clears my head. I don’t feel like a need a stich of makeup, or hairspray. I feel strong and powerful, and am so pleased that I am able to push my own limits and challenge myself physically and mentally.  In fact, in about a year or so, I hope to run a half- maybe even full – marathon. And I wont be doing it because I like to wear Lululemon hot pants.

Most of the healthy people in our society are taking care of their bodies to feel good. They are NOT doing it to make your lazy/unhealthy/angry/ ass feel bad.  I don’t enjoy some of you trying to put me/us down and make me/us feel very unattractive for your own selfish ego.  In fact, fuck right off.  If you feel bad about your eating habits/body/fitness level/health, well guess what? That’s your problem, and stop taking it out on others.  Do something about it, or keep it to yourself and have a good cry next time you watch Oprah.


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  1. Slamdunk said,

    I think you hit on a relevant point. Many mean-spirited comments are based on a person’s own insecurities. Good rant…

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