Sunsets and sequins.

May 1, 2010 at 10:58 am (Uncategorized)

Sometimes the simplest things are the most beautiful.

It’s true and we all know it. Just look at nature.  Does a waterfall try to be higher, faster?  Do you ever see peacocks dying their feathers?

Here’s the main point I expressed to a close friend last night at an upscale event.  In fashion and otherwise, simplicity is not boring. 

Do you ever get bored of the sunset? You see it every night, don’t you? But every night it is still breathtaking.  Every night you catch it, those few moments of light giving way to dark never look boring or passe.  You remember each sunset you share with your friends, your lover… it is different in each season… sometimes it rains, snows, and sometimes you catch it late at night drinking a margarita, but it’s beauty never fades.  Every night is slightly different, but no less amazing and jaw-dropping as the next.  So are we.

Never feel as though something simple and open is not interesting and exciting.  Less really can be more.  All the thrills and sequins we wear/show in life aren’t always really necessary.  Wouldn’t you rather look into someone’s eyes without having to peer through their colored contacts and fake eyelashes?  Don’t you enjoy running your fingers through your beloved’s hair, without their extensions falling out? 

Nature is perfect and beautiful, without pretense or glitter.  It’s a damn good thing we are a part of nature as human beings…


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