Thou shalt not explode thy neighbour.

May 31, 2010 at 1:34 am (Uncategorized)

At what point does different become dangerous?  I guess that all depends on how you perceive things, and what you view as a threat to your daily life, and what you live for and believe in.

Isn’t it ironic that these feelings of fear usually create such horrible animosity, that it sparks fear in those we are afraid of, and eventually… there is a turning point. There will either be a point of discussion and understanding, or chaos and destruction. 

It’s hard to be different, isn’t it? The first kid to lose a tooth.  The tallest one in the room.  The one who speaks another language,etc.  But I thought it was trendy and cool nowadays to root for the underdog, right?

Not all the time.  Here we are back at God’s house, knocking on Heaven’s door, asking and begging to be considered the most righteous and pious and the biggest sufferer, willing to ridicule and outcast and kill anyone who stands in the way of the greatness of one very special book with one very strict set of life rules.  Don’t all of these special books have some sort of “love thy neighbour”/”don’t bomb thy neighbour” chapter?

Apparently not. Not when armed men shoot and throw grenades at worshippers peacefully conducting their Friday prayers in two mosques, targeting the Ahmadi Islamic sect in Lahore, Pakistan.  Over 80 innocent people are dead, and the Taliban is on the suspect list for this horrendous attack (big surprise there).  In praise of some lovely God, the attackers later blew themselves up. 

Brief explanation: The Ahmadis are a minority Islamic sect, founded in 1889, and believe that Mirza Ghulam Ahmed was the Chosen Messiah/the prophet (NOT Mohammed, as traditional Muslims believe) and have been persecuted and attacked from day one, and in 1974 the Pakistani government buckled under heavy Muslim rioting and protest and declared the Ahmadi sect to be non-Muslim.  Since 1984, it has been illegal for the Ahmadis to identify themselves as Muslim.  As if this weren’t enough, it is becoming increasingly more difficult and dangerous for the Ahmadis to practice their religion. According to BBC news, a ban was established in 1994 by the home ministry stating that the Ahmadi books were outlawed.  I am curious what such a merciful, wonderful God would have to say about this outrageous human right’s violation.

The gunmen fired and killed without discrimination – even killing a young teenage boy. 

The Ahmadis have been persecuted by the traditional Muslim community and (under pressure from violent threats from the Muslim community) the government for years now.  These cruel, terrible attacks have almost (in my opinion) been encouraged.  I may be thinking too simplistically, but… I just don’t understand.  These people follow Muslim rituals, they go to pray in their own mosque, and identify themselves under a different sect of Islam.  How is this a threat to the core beliefs of traditional Islam (with millions and millions of followers across the world)? These people have not made it their sect’s mission statement to change the fundamental rules and beliefs of traditional Islam… so how is it possible that in the second before one can throw a hand grenade, one wouldn’t question their actions one last time before committing such an insane terrorist act? Wouldn’t you??  Why threaten those who have not threatened you?  Isn’t this a waste of time, effort, and money that could otherwise be spent more positively toward the “great” expectations of your God?

Interesting thought process: I think the next time a friend of mine tells me that they are a cat person, I should consider the fact that they may be a threat to us dog people everywhere.  They will be filling my world with catnip and Whiskas! They may not wash those little hairs off their clothes…. and that means they can’t come near me.  They might rub off on me.  No hugs, no contact.  What’s more, they think they are better than my dog-loving friends and I.  I should stop seeing these cat people.  They might get to my family though, and perhaps give them an adopted kitten or two… I need to stop all this nonsense right now.  I must bomb the cat people to prevent all this from happening! Shoot them and their children.  Because it is inevitable that their spawn will be dirty cat-lovers, too.  In the name of Dog, this is my mission!

A little sick, I know.  I actually love both cats and dogs, so for any reader who is unfamiliar with my biting sarcasm, that was pretty tough to type for me.  But it definitely makes sense, doesn’t it? 

How else can I describe how needless this violence and turmoil is?  It is so hard sometimes to have hope that we will all discover that our paths are just roads that lead around a different scenic route.  Some of us take the mountains, some of us sail the ocean.  Some of us dig underground tunnels, some of us prefer the highway stretch. 

If we can not overcome our Rambo-esque foolishness in the next few years to come, I have fears that the world really might come to an end.  I don’t like to think, talk, or write about it…. but it is entirely possible, considering the dangerous perceptions of many worldwide. Hopefully we can save ourselves…. but maybe that is the wrong way to consider a solution.  Perhaps we must save each other.

This peaceful world I dream of – not dream of, see – is waiting very patiently for us to come live in it.  It may be beyond sight and sound; it may be beyond comprehension and acceptance, it may be beyond technology, psychology, history, and society in general. 

But it is not beyond hope.  And if that is all you have left, you still have so much.


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