Self, self, self? Put it on the shelf.

January 20, 2011 at 6:07 pm (Uncategorized)

No more fake lashes, fake hair, or fake smile.

Put down your judgements and stay for a while.

Take off your Spanx, and your push-up bra, too –

I liked you much better when you looked just like YOU.

Stop taking the juice, why inject or shoot?

You know you felt better without it, to boot.

Stop asking, demanding, and swindling more

Than the meager amount you’re willing to work for.

I admired your dreams, your wishes, your drive

But I think you got lost somewhere along the ride.

What made you entitled, special, superior?

What made others like you seem so inferior?

The truth: you’re not special. Never were, and won’t be.

You’re better! You’re human – like us, them, and me.

It’s phony to spend so much more than you make

Your selfish debt will be an enormous mistake.

Plastic and silicon become permanent, too –

Again – you were better at just being you.

It’s the end of the world as we know it, so far

While your head’s up your ass as you drive your new car…

And the last time you listened? Had empathy, a heart?

Can you even remember those things from the start?

Get back to reality, it’s around you indeed –

Fake fantasy worlds are not what you need.

There’s much to be said of truth and humility

These things aren’t so far beyond your ability.

Where did humanity go? What’s gone wrong?

We’re all listening to that meaningless song:

Me, me, me, myself, and I.

Your pathetic if reality TV makes you cry…

Don’t idolize self-entitled, wasted-away wanks

Stop feeding your ego, and start to give thanks.

The days of the narcissists soon will be over –

Now when was the last time you had great sex – sober??

Do you throw away people like you toss out the trash?

Are you only living for Fridays – and getting smashed?

“I need to work on myself” – That’s not new!

Because the world only turns according to you.

No need for relationships, real love or real friends,

Manipulation and lies are your means to ends.

Quit kidding yourself – a selfish life is a waste

On top of all this, you lost dignity and good taste.

Your bubble will burst, the picture will be clearer

By the time your done at the gym with the bright shiny mirror.

We see you for what you’ve truly become:

A pathetic, useless, self-obsessed no-one.

“Self-help” turned into “self-obsession” quite fast,

But this lifestyle of falsehood’s not likely to last.

Nobody said you had something to prove,

See, you look down on us – as we’re laughing at YOU.

It’s substance, passion, and truth we desire

How can you cook without any fire?

Quit talking about only yourself all the time.

You embarrass yourself, and all of mankind.

Be grateful for life, for love, and freedom

Be grateful for those who’ve been there when you need ’em.

Let’s get back to work, and value our wealth

And it wouldn’t hurt to take care of your health…

Don’t kid yourself, you’re not “free” when your wasted

When you can be happy sober – that’s joy that’s been tasted

Come back to the truth, because you know in the end

That your self-obsession pushed away your last friend.

Treat loved ones with care, and get back to Earth

You’ll never regret what your honest life’s worth… 

This isn’t our fate, and this isn’t the end.

Dust off your values, and life’s on the mend.

You may get hurt, you may fail, you may fall

But you’ll really deserve your success after all.

Be honest, be naked, be vulnerable, too

And at last – let the rest of us love the real you.


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  1. dani said,

    love love love it.

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