I wonder if she’s beautiful.

August 9, 2011 at 10:57 pm (Uncategorized)

I hadn’t seen you before, but on my way in the door, I waved and smiled.

It was something about your eyes. Something I couldn’t quite put my finger on…

But as you demurely nodded a greeting back at me, behind the long eyelashes, I saw a pair of eyes looking back at mine.

Round, dark, espresso-colored eyes. They even turned up at the corners, smiling slightly, asking the world to join in your mischief.

It was only the first chapter.  That was just a first glance.  I could have sworn that you were almost flirting with me.

Why is it wrong to look at you? I think that you must be so beautiful… it’s true what they say about us.  Our lips, our hair, and our legs can drive the world into a mad frenzy, and can make normal men melt into helpless puddles… we are at once intoxicating, alluring, and intimidating.

Your eyes are so gorgeous. I wish I had told you.  I wonder what the rest of you looked like.  I can imagine that you have a very kind smile.  Your hair must be long and dark, and I think your cheeks were round, giving you a perpetually pleased look.  You were quite petite, but looked fit and young.  I wonder if you like to run? Swim? Play soccer? Have you ever played before?

I wish you’d said hello.  I wish you would drive those men wild, and turn them into those helpless man-puddles simply by batting those long eyelashes.  I wish you wouldn’t care how the world reacted at the sight of your lips, your hair, and your body in comfortable, fitted clothing.  I wish you could express your own sense of style.

I wondered if you liked to dance. I wanted to know what your deepest desires were.  Moments after we stood in front of each other, I intrusively wondered what you really wanted.

I have to say, I don’t understand why things are the way they are.  I wonder how much you have studied? What books have you read? I wonder if your husband asks you these questions?

I wish I could have seen you, all of you.  I so wanted to lift off your scarf, your veil, and maybe kiss your cheek.  I wanted to tell you all of these things, and tell you how much I envy and adore your beautiful eyes.

I wish I had already told you.


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